Commercial Brake Technology

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We believe due to the complexity of safety critical braking products, they should be manufactured in a clean, organised and controlled environment based on the following:

  • Fully trained technicians working to controlled competence regulations from unit strip down and preparations, to production, testing and sign off.
  • We believe all our units can be freely exchanged with OE units, with complete confidence in installed performance, durability and security of warranty...

Our warranty control program consists of a full investigation and route inspection, with traceability reported within 7 days. The warranty level is currently running below 0.5%.
  • All calipers come with a 12 month warranty
  • Quality signed off units with full tractability to build history, testing records and internal part traceability.
  • We have a regime of Development, Assembly/Process and Unit Sign-off testing with strict cycle tests to mirror the vehicle type.
  • We are covered by £5 million product liability. A copy of the certificate can be issued on request.

All of these factors ensure a fully reproductive process. This improves on waste reduction and downtime, and gives us immediate alert to out of spec non-conformance. These methods also give us real-time monitoring of critical control points and makes sure the product is right first time. Putting these practices into place enables us to offer cost reduction over all our competitors.


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